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  • Would you like to go from this

    Would you like to go from this

    • Many confusing products
    •   Many do the same job
    • Many not safe around children
    •   Clutter in many cupboards
    • Most not tested for safety
    • Confusing labels – hard to identify products
  • To This

    To This

    • Two products – 4 bottles
    • No mixed roles– cleaner cleans; disinfectant disinfects
    • Safe around children.
    •   No clutter
    •   Tested for safety
    • Colour coded labels – easy to identify

Commercial & Domestic Cleaning Products

About Us

Imagine this if you can; you have just gone into considerable debt to buy a farm, your wife is about to have a new baby and you have 2 toddlers under 4 at home, you dip some sheep for lice  one day and next you can’t get out of bed or are too weak to leave the house for weeks or months at a time – everything goes to hell. This started a journey

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Client Testimonials

  • Susanne

    I've been using Natra-Kleen for quite some time now and I must say - nothing compares to this wonderful product! It's environmentally friendly cause it doesn't contain any chemicals and due to the concentrated base it will last for ever and saves a lot on packaging. You can use this product in so many different ways apart from cleaning surfaces such as cleaning clothes, carp...

    Long Term User

  • Michelle

    Our housekeeping team at Quest on Story Bridge have been using Natra Kleen now for over twelve months and absolutely love the product. The benefits are numerous but first and foremost it does the job.  It’s also extremely cost effective and most importantly, in today’s climate, the product is safe for the environment.   Our team are not handling harsh chemicals an...

    Long Term Client

  • Robyn

    Robyn here from Katoomba. I just received my cleaner in the mail, and have been busily cleaning everything! It is a fab product! I can't believe it is environmentally friendly, plus I didn't know it was good for eczema sufferers which I am one of. How great. Thanks heaps, I am glad you dropped your flyer in my letter box. I am going to tell everyone I know about it! Everyone should be u...