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Natra-Kleen Concentrate 15 Litre

Natra-Kleen Concentrate 15 Litre


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Natra-Kleen Concentrate 15 Litre 

15 litres of concentrate will make 495tres of General Purpose cleaner @ 76 cents per litre.or 38 cents per 500ml spray bottle. 

We have mixing carts available which explain every use in detail.

This one product will do most of your general cleaning. used in both domestic and commercial cleaning. 

Spearmint Fragrance - 100% essential oil used. The spearmint helps with your cleaning; providing some insect repellent and anti bacterial action when mixed at the General Purpose Rate 

Green food dye so you can tell if your mix is correct 

Non Toxic 
Septic / Grey Water Safe 
Skin pH Neutral

Independently tested for Environmental safety in Fresh water, Biodegradability, and Grey water safety.
Test under Boeing aircraft standards on a whole range of materials and surfaces for corrosion and damage. 

We have dilution pumps that attach to the wall to ensure correct mixing and to make sure you get the maximum usage out of this product 

Price includes GST

Freight anywhere in Australia $25 for a single container to the one address

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