Natra-Kleen Commercial & Domestic Non Toxic Cleaning Products

Are you worried about the safety and effects of that toxic cocktail of cleaning products in your cupboard may have on you or your families health – particularly that of your children  then worry no more Natra-Kleen quality non toxic cleaning products has the answer.

Natra-Kleen products have been all scientifically tested for safety and efficacy by independent bodies to meet with strict industrial and environmental standards.

Natra-Kleen® Concentrate
• Lanfax Laboratories for laundry effluent and grey water safety. Natra-Kleen Concentrate did not affect significantly the pH of the wash water, making it safe to release into the environment. The sodium, phosphorous and sulphur loads were very low compared to other laundry liquids.
• Biotest Laboratories for bacterial challenge under British Standard 3286. Natra-Kleen Concentrate when mixed at General Purpose rate displayed definite anti-bacterial qualities, killing 96% of Staphylococcus, 84% of Pseudomonas and 74% of Listeria in 5 minutes.
• Ecotox Services Australasia for environmental toxicity under USEPA methods ESA SOP 101 and 1003.0. Natra-Kleen concentrate tested low toxicity to freshwater algae and Ceriodaphnia. Most detergents are moderate to highly toxic by the nature of their action in water.
• Leeder Consulting Chartered Chemists and Toxicologists for biodegradability under OECD 301 Biodegradability Test. Natra-Kleen concentrate is 50% biodegradable over 28 days under Aerobic conditions.
• SMI, Inc. for the following Standards:Boeing D6-7127, Cleaning interiors of commercial transport aircraft. Tested for loss of adhesion, tensile strength, colour and elasticity also corrosion, abrasion, cracking, crazing, staining of aluminium, rubber, sealants, painted surfaces, tedlar, vinyl and polycarbonate.
AMS 1550B, Cleaner for interior materials of aircraft, biodegradable, water base. Tested for corrosion, staining, crazing, discolorations, streaking and blistering. Effect on hardness of aluminium, transparent plastics and polycarbonate and polysulphone plastics. Painted and unpainted surfaces.
Natra-Kleen Commercial Grade Disinfectant
EML Consulting Services Pty Ltd for the following
• TGA Disinfectant Test for Commercial / Household Grade Disinfectant Conditions. When tested against E coli and Staphylococcus aureus no growths occurred in the recovery broths.
• Legionella – less than 10 cfu/mL Legionella species found after testing.



Natrakleen Organic Super Concentrate Cleaners made in Australia