Steve Hall-Owner of Natra-Kleen Ecological & Natural Cleaning Products in Australia

My name is Steve Hall; I am the owner of Natra-Kleen the manufacturer and distributor of Natra-Kleen Concentrate a non toxic; plant derived, multipurpose cleaning concentrate for households, commercial and industry.

Until recently I have been a farmer in the Halls Creek district east of Manilla in northern NSW. In 2003 just after buying the farm I had my life turned upside down when I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (MCS/CFS).

Imagine this if you can; you have just gone into considerable debt to buy a farm, your wife is about to have a new baby and you have 2 toddlers under 4 at home, you dip some sheep for lice (an external parasite of sheep) one day and next you can’t get out of bed or are too weak to leave the house for weeks or months at a time – everything goes to hell.

This was the situation my wife Delinda and I found ourselves in from late 2003. A simple trip to town for groceries was enough to knock me down for days, the spray drift from a property 5 km away put me down for a month, simple things like perfume, cigarette smoke, the chemical residue on an apple or in meat were enough to crash me for a week or more and it could happen in 10 to 15 minutes, so if I wasn’t close to home or Delinda wasn’t with me it was a battle to get somewhere safe quickly.

Finally, with the assistance of a fantastic wife and great Naturopath we finally started to get my health back. One of the big breakthroughs came when I met a guy selling a cleaning product at a conference for chemically sensitive people. He told me that unless we replaced all the cleaning, laundry and personal care products in our home with natural or safe products I would remain ill. Even better we could do all this with his product, I bought a bottle, took it home to try. We were very sceptical at first as everyone had tried to sell us all the “snake oil” cures under the sun, for once it worked and made a big difference to my health; I wasn’t “cured” but was definitely feeling better.

I often say now that I have my health back, I wouldn’t wish this part of my life on my worst enemy.

As my health improved I looked around to find out more about this great product. With a mate and a couple of guys we met along the way we found the man who owned it and he was about to shut down his business and the product would have been lost forever. We got a supply contract, registered Natra-Kleen and started to market into the commercial and domestic market. We now own the formula and manufacture Natra-Kleen Concentrate ourselves and market direct to the customer and through distributors.

Delinda and I use nothing else but Natra-Kleen in our house, gone are the cupboards of toxic cocktails under the sink, in the laundry and bathroom. They have all been replaced with Natra-Kleen which we use for washing the dishes and clothes, cleaning the windows, floors and benches, shampoo, body and hand wash in the bathroom, we even clean the toilet with it. Natra-Kleen is truly an amazing product and it is now our mission to help people start to lead a better / healthier life by removing these toxic, life threatening products from their workplace and homes.

The original single product has grown into a Range of products. All non Toxic, safe and environmentally safe.

We have also expanded into contract cleaning where we use all or products.

We are looking forward to building the Natra-Kleen natural cleaning product range
to being the safest most proven product on the market.



Eddie Piddington interviews Steve Hall about NATRA-KLEEN