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Think about all the different types of cleaners you currently have in your cleaning storeroom or cupboard. It is often like a toxic graveyard in there.

Do you or your staff get confused with what product to use for which application?

How often do you buy a new product without finishing the last one?

Now add up the total cost of all these cleaning products and compare it to the cost of 1 litre of Natra-Kleen Concentrate.

Remember - 1 litre will give you 66 x 500ml general purpose sprays, 250 x 500ml window sprays or 333 litres of floor cleaner.

Natra-Kleen Concentrate’s unique formulation means that it is designed to replace most other cleaners with a single product.

Concentrate will replace all:

  1. General Purpose spray and wipes 
  2. Window cleaners
  3. Floor cleaners
  4. Shower cleaners
  5. Degreasers
  6. Car and Boat Cleaners
  7. Carpet spot removers
  8. Carpet shampoo/cleaners
  9. Laundry detergents
10. Dish washing detergents
11. Dishwasher detergents
12. Dishwasher rinse aids

ALL of this can be achieved with 3 simple dilutions rates.


In addition, all our clients report a significant reduction in their cleaning costs.

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Natra-Kleen Concentrate 1 Litre
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