What Can I Clean With
Natra-Kleen Non Toxic Cleaning Products?


Think about all the different types of cleaners you currently have in your cleaning storeroom or cupboard.

It is often like a toxic graveyard in there.

  • Do you or your staff get confused with what product to use for which application?
  • How often do you buy a new product without finishing the last one?

Now add up the total cost of all these cleaning products and compare it to the cost of 1 litre of Natra-Kleen Concentrate.

Remember, 1 litre will give you 66 x 500ml general purpose sprays, 250 x 500ml window sprays or 333 litres of Floor Cleaner.

Natra-Kleen Concentrate’s unique formulation means that it is designed to replace most other cleaners with a single product.

Natrakleen-SuperConcentrate-800px - NatraKleen All Purpose Cleaner, 5-litre | Terranora, NSW 2486Natra-Kleen Concentrate will replace all of these

1. General Purpose spray and wipes
2. Window cleaners
3. Floor cleaners
4. Shower cleaners
5. Degreasers
6. Car and Boat Cleaners
7. Carpet spot removers
8. Carpet shampoo/cleaners
9. Laundry detergents
10. Dish washing detergents
11. Dishwasher detergents
12. Dishwasher rinse aids



ALL of this can be achieved with 3 simple dilutions rates.

In addition, all our clients report a significant reduction in their cleaning costs.



Natrakleen Organic Super Concentrate Cleaners made in Australia